Can you predict your menopause age?

Everything you want to know and more, about your menopause age

In Western countries most women go through menopause at age 50-51. But this is just an average. Some women go through menopause at 45 while others may not pass through until they are in their mid-50s.

Individual differences between women make exact prediction of menopause very difficult. Doctors talk about the timing of menopause as average, early and late.


The Dreaded “M” word…

Most of us don't think about menopause very much until we reach our late thirties and early forties. Or at least, if we do think about it, it's often with a vague feeling of apprehension.

But it's not uncommon to feel terrified about the whole menopause thing - hardly surprising because the "M" word has such a negative press in Western culture.

OK - so let's take a look at this fear:

Biological menopause means that the reality of the aging process is upon us. And let's face it, our personal aging process is something, that given a choice, most of us would rather not think about.

The whole idea of aging brings with it the implicit assumption of the approach of death. And death - has become almost taboo in our youth obsessed society.

But there are some upsides of menopause too...

  • Menopause is a gateway to freedom from fertility and reproductive obligations.
  • Menopause can be seen as only a small part of a bigger transition or "climacteric" in which a woman can develop in new and exciting directions. Now’s a time when you can dedicate more time to yourself, to explore and follow a path that lets you develop yourself to your full potential.
  • With increasing life expectancy, menopause now occurs around half way through a woman’s adult years. The years beyond menopause are just as important as the years before. The passage through climacteric can be one of learning, change and inner growth towards a renewed, stronger and wiser woman.

Why women are concerned...

Women have good reasons for wanting to know when they will go through menopause. Here are some of those reasons:

Menopause – the great equaliser...

Menopause age does vary between different women, but in spite of this, menopause comes to all women sooner or later. Rich or poor, fat or thin, tall or short – there are no exceptions.

No woman who survives middle life remains naturally fertile.

Women have evolved to go through menopause – just as we go through menarche in adolescence. There is a natural window of fertility in early to mid adult life and menopause is the signal that this window has now closed.

But the closing of the window of fertility is the opening of a door of opportunity... fully become the woman you are capable of becoming.

It's your choice.

Published February 2010. Last update March2015

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