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May 10th 2012

Red clover may be a promising natural remedy for hot flashes

There are lots of so-called natural remedies for hot flashes but few have received the attention that red clover has recently. Now doctors are starting to recommend it - because it seems safe and hey, maybe it works too...
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February 28th 2012

More evidence that smoking may contribute to an earlier menopause

A study that pooled results from 11 other studies has found that women who smoke have more chance of going through menopause before age 50 than non-smokers...
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May 10th 2011

More insights into long-term effects of HRT in women who have had a hysterectomy

Follow-up data from the Women's Health Initiative show that women who took HRT after hysterectomy had no difference in risk of some chronic diseases, and had a reduced risk of breast cancer continued over time. Click here to read more ...

April 19th 2011

Mindfulness training can reduce anxiety of hot flushes and improve quality of life

The body mind connection technique of mindfulness has been found to be useful for helping women to feel calmer and less bothered by their hot flushes. Click here to read more ...

April 1st 2011

Alternative to hormone replacement therapy for menopause hot flashes?

A new study has shown promise for a new, non-hormonal treatment for hot flashes. Click here to read more ...

March 20th 2011

Hot flushes may give an unexpected benefit

Menopause hot flashes may be a pain, but a new study has found that women who have them, tend to have a lower risk of getting breast cancer. Click here to read more ...

March 13th 2011

Million Women Study finds HRT breast cancer risk higher in younger users

Women who start HRT before their menopause or within 5 years have almost double risk of developing breast cancer than those who never take it. Click here to read more ...

February 5th 2011

Latest on HRT and breast cancer debate

Confused about HRT and breast cancer? Letters in top medical journal argue the key points and it's not good for hormones. Click here to read more ...

February 1st 2011

Natural insomnia cure for postmenopausal women?

New study finds soya derived isoflavones and genistein improve sleep quality better than a placebo. Click here to read more ...

Menopause News 2010

November 19th 2010

Prediction of menopause age - latest news

Why kits that claim to predict your age of menopause are still unreliable. Click here to read more ...

October 27th 2010

Side effects of hormone creams? Time to ask your pet

How vets found some unusual symptoms in the pets of women using hormone creams. Click here to read more ...

October 20th 2010

Safety of Hormone Therapy even more Doubtful

The latest analysis of data from the Women's Health Initiative study in the USA, does nothing to reassure us about safety of hormone therapy for menopause discomforts. Click here to read more ...

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