Menopause Remedies and a Healthy Lifestyle

Some menopause symptoms can be such a nuisance that we may need specific menopause remedies. For a growing majority of women, the more natural the remedy, the better.

But what exactly IS natural and is natural always best?

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What exactly is "natural"?

Get motivated, get active

Menopause remedies and the hormone story

Although hormone therapies were promoted in the 1960s and beyond as the elixir of eternal youth, this story has long been de-bunked. Hormone therapy may help you feel better in the short term and for this reason many doctors still recommend it. But the role of external hormones in preventing the chronic degeneration of age is very controversial. And when you add the medical furore about the link between hormone therapy and breast cancer the water gets seriously murky.

There is nothing worse than a situation where the best experts in the world can’t actually agree on what the “truth” is. You can read more about this debate by clicking the "Great Hormone Debate" button above.

Staying healthy

The days have long gone since the so-called “menopause disease” was believed to be the cause of all ills. But normal, natural menopause does create a kind of watershed in a woman’s life… a before and after. It’s like a line drawn in the sand.

Both psychologically and physically it’s a good time to really think about how you look after yourself … mind, body and spirit. Osteoporosis (thinning bones), weight gain and increased risk of cardiovascular disease all cast their shadow on the aging woman.

But hey … why get depressed about this? Menopause can be seen as the cup half full or half empty.

On this website, we choose the cup not only half full but flourishing

If you decide to meet age with a smile, you greatly enhance your chance that it will smile back on you.

Help yourself

Although menopause remedies come in handy, the fact is that most midlife discomforts can be helped by leading a healthy lifestyle.

Now …there’s nothing very complicated about a healthy lifestyle is there? Most of us know what it implies: Regular exercise, a sensible diet and practising some kind of relaxation or mindfulness techniques…

Hmmm… but it’s not the knowing is it?

It’s the doing that’s the challenge!

Click the button above to get motivated to exercise – it’s the SINGLE best thing you can do to keep the midlife blues at bay and to set yourself up for a healthy later life.

If you do nothing else, a programme of regular physical activity will bring more positive health gains than you can imagine … you’ll lose weight, improve your strength, flexibility and stamina, reduce you heart disease risk and your risk of falls and fractures.

Now what else can do that?

Useless unless worn

There is an ad for wearing life-jackets at sea that says “useless unless worn”.

Essentially the same could be said of a healthy lifestyle …

You can read and know as much as you like about a healthy lifestyle, but unless you actually put the recommendations into practice the knowledge itself is useless!

Midlife may bring a few storms but your healthy lifestyle is the lifejacket you need to see you through.

Do yourself a favour and commit today to getting active and eating more healthily.

And now: turn off the computer and Go Do It!

Last  update March 2015

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The experts say:

"Menopause is 'medicalized' in contemporary US society. There is great need to develop and disseminate information that emphasizes menopause as a normal, healthy phase of women’s lives and promotes its demedicalization."

NIH State-of-the-Science Panel. US National Institutes of Health, 2005

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