Useful Resources for your Journey through Natural Menopause

Change your life, get educated, contribute, learn...

Start your own online business, work from home and earn money!

Site Build It has all the tools and more, to convert a complete IT novice into a self-possessed webmaster. You don’t need to learn any geeky stuff - just follow what it says on the box (or rather in the Action Guide). If I can do it - so can you!

Help women around the world

World Pulse broadcasts and unites women's voices from around the world into a powerful force for change.

Become a nurse practitioner Nancy Parker has a passion for nursing and provides here a comprehensive look at nursing programs in the US. Her aim is to help future nurses like herself, to navigate easily on one website and find the right school that fits their needs.

Health concerns during natural menopause and beyond...

Alternative treatments for menopause symptoms

Healthline's comprehensive website gives a great overview of all things menopause. Articles are physician reviewed and make easy informative reading.

Keep your brain on top form A great blog about how to keep our brains fit as we age. Dr Jenny Brockis presents the latest findings from neuroscience and psychology in an entertaining and accessible way.

Look after your back A really comprehensive website that helps you take charge of keeping your back healthy. Loads of practical, easy to follow advice from a qualified physiotherapist.

Our Bodies Ourselves

Our Bodies Ourselves has been a reference point and beacon for the women's health movement, for the last 40 years. Empowers women to take control of their own health by providing accessible, research-based information about women's health and sexuality."We advance health and human rights within a framework of values shaped by women's voices and a commitment to self-determination and equality."

National Women's Health Network (USA)

With a focus on sexual and reproductive health care, the NWHN aims to empower women to advance women's health through self-determination. Also aims to create "a cultural and medical shift in how menopause is perceived and addressed."

Fed up with headaches? Comprehensive advice from physician assistant who specialises in headache medicine.

Specialist sites in biomedical science and research about women's health and natural menopause...

The Centre for Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Research (CeMCOR) For news and the latest about science and research into ovulation and menstruation. The Centre studies the physical and psychological causes and effects of ovulation disturbances on women's overall health. CeMCOR publishes scientific results and disseminates information directly to women.

Evidence report on managing menopause.

NIH State-of-the-Science Conference on Management of Menopause-Related Symptoms.

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